Winter Matrix Conference

within a half day i was two hours from miami. i’d driven through the night and opted to stay at disgusting motel with a dayroom because arriving on anyone’s doorstep at 7am is cruel especially if they want to hear about your journey and you want to hear where the bed is

i lost almost all of my photographs from miami: computer ate my sd card.

i went down there with this clear conscious and cocky attitude to be the man and empower all of my friends, talk about their problems, you know?  i did an adequate job and i shed the shit out of my own emotional skin; it was a lot of work. i didn’t realize transforming myself would require so many tears. i’ll probably spend the next year thanking and later apologizing to all my friends who made me feel like a phoenix before i got a big head and burnt all the bridges –


listening to: heart’s these dreams  (1985)