Ibiza on that Guacamole Fiat

i went to ibiza. it was my first time in ibiza. the plane descended as the sun set on the horizon. i don’t know how to say ibiza correctly. i believe there’s a Th sound. luckily i don’t have to say it because this is a written blog. ibiza’s alright. there’s nicer islands but this one has more techno. all the techno.

vlada rented a guacamole-colored fiat and we criss-crossed the island eating fish and chasing sunsets. she’s a spectacular travel companion. she could have a travel show: gypsy travels with vlada (originally called joints and sunsets). she’d show you where to get the best deals on everything and which cafes have wifi to find that next deal.

IRL is the new RPG’s Ibiza ProTips v1
– the tap water’s salt water
– all the internet’s slow / mcdonalds has free wifi
– because it’s siesta that’s why
Es Vedrà is literature 101 in real life: the sirens almost got odysseus there!