don’t need a weatherman…

st. louis / chicago



listening to jefferson starship’s miracles (1975)

my apartment was put together one thing at a time – slowly making it mine: a free-spirit so used to living wherever, nesting a home. but when it’s time to go – none of it matters – no attachment, it’s just stuff. from the vintage green shag rug i worked so hard to get clean, to the wallpaper of two hundred and fifty-year-old book pages: just stuff

the buyers of stuff have come on time and everyone’s paid the requested prices. everything sold-off except the mattress -can’t get rid of it. i’ve tried posting several different ads on craigslist: for free, for $50, for $300 each with different pictures but everyone interested’s flaked. no-showed, ghosted, wasted time. it’s become a shackle. decent-person protip: when spiriting, it’s important to try leaving the path behind sewn together with a neat little bow.

i’d daydream being on a farm. being away from all the noise. tending the land; keeping it simple and when it was finally time to make the move, all the pieces fell into place

sunday morning was my intended go-day and i was still stuck with this mattress, in a now empty apartment. this fucking mattress. no idea what to do with it. i woke up to the sound of my next-door neighbor’s door opening. i ran downstairs, “hey! weird question: you need a mattress?”

my neighbor looked at me, didn’t say a word and tilted his head. “this is weird! so weird! getting a new mattress is on the top of my list of things to do this week.”

mattress situation: solved. mise-en-place
if this isn’t a sign, i don’t know what is.
these are photos of late summer 2015