vmp at the hostel

the [road] journey returns – part three/b
cleveland- (pictures of pictures)

we sit in the kitchen and he tells me the story of why he’s here. he first experienced synchronicity at the end of 2012. six months later he started a journey: he’ll have a dream of a place and if he receives manifestation of that place through coincidence or sign, he’ll go. he’s let go of all material and travels with only the clothes on his back and an old flip-phone that he’s ready to lose

he believes his purpose is to prophetically share his testimony with others experiencing synchronicity and let them know, “they’re not alone and have no reason to feel fear.” his ah-ha moment came at a time of particular darkness immersed in what he calls a world of meth and internet porn. i want to believe him

listening to eddie money’s baby hold on (1977)


i want to believe that he’s here and for me at a particularly serendipitous time. but there’s a skeptical part of me who isn’t so sure: hostel’s are filled with people in free-travel and in free-travel we let go and experience magnetism so if he’s looking to find others open to his words, hostels are an affirming place to do it. also he doesn’t take care of himself…

a grocery store with wide, fresh, and affordable options is a block away yet he chooses to sit with junk food and pop from the vending machines. and he smokes. when i ask why letting go of a cell phone is detachment but ditching a costly and unnecessary habit (that keeps one attached) is not, he pauses before replying, the universe does not want him to quit at this time. same reason he doesn’t exercise or practice yoga or stretching.

my soft spoke questions make him slightly uncomfortable- perhaps out of his comfort zone. out of the hostel and the affirmation. and/or maybe i’m not sign enough for him but isn’t it all a dream? to be clear: meth and porn are darkness. junk food, cigarettes, and a nigh sedentary lifestyle are tbd

it’s more fun to believe: if he hadn’t hit up the vending machine there’s a chance we wouldn’t have met and he wouldn’t be letting me know, everything’s cool – i wish him well and thank him for our intersecting ❤