the great american stylite of the road

the [road] journey returns – part three/c
daydream belieb’n – (pictures of pictures)


maybe one day i’ll reach the end of the what-it-means-to-be-america side-quest. all knowledge of being of this great nation will flow through me like the wind of the earth. and i’ll build a tall and powerful pillar off a meaningful road like route 66. there i’ll sit, so high and beaming the satisfaction which only comes from the completion of a job well done. travelers and seekers will come to ask me questions and look onto me, the great american stylite of the road. All will enjoy free-parking and a short film. the modest admission will be less than or equal to a shrimp cocktail (depending on season and demand)

my pillar will be modest yet garner attention with sweet neon. the gift shop will be clean and the ice cream, handmade. road trip pilgrims will leave donations in honor of the living prophets they’ve met at the various hostels they’ve stayed. like dr. pepper and rold gold pretzels to the vending machine prophet who let me know everything’s cool

listening to bryan ferry’s boys and girls (1985)