holding rocks at shit

the [road] journey returns – part five
off u.s. 6 and 30

at certain places, at special points, after a nice thought or a nice experience i’d pick up a stone from wherever i was and trade it with the one from where i was before. on the last day i grabbed the last rock shortly before sunset, the next morning i left it at the destination

listening to color haze’s mountain (2004)

close to the destination. a path of sparkles. sparkles on us/6, the grand army of the republic highway. sparkles on the lincoln highway, us/30.

this adventure’s echoed the larger trip i took before berlin but with more freedom, more confidence. sometimes on that larger trip, i’d weigh stopping places if a parking lot were filled with pickups and/or camouflage. an experimentation of comfort zone. though, the and camouflage sometimes kept me moving right along. but this trip right now, i talk to everyone