the_remedial re-education

there’s less collaboration in video today and i felt i needed a refresher on the basics so i signed up for classes in graphic design and film photography. sure, you can read a book or watch youtube but you won’t get a critique and sometimes i want to hear what i’m doing wrong, as should we all

listening to robert tepper’s no easy way out (1986)

during university no one predicted the inclusivity of video production in the coming decade but my alma mater wasn’t good at that. like when an instructor laughed at my claim that apple would turn the then new ipod into a phone, but the future happens and between the two of us, he was the one leading a class on the past; not the one predicting the future

the photography class was great – i put my olympus in a lot of places. the instructor was was like a wes anderson character, who said awesome things like, lighting burst filters are like the mcrib sandwich. you get it and you’re really excited then soon discover it was a big mistake” love him.. the graphic design instructor was a sweet man who started us using paper and scissors for gestalt principals- then had us spending an entire month designing fonts – which to me, didn’t seem like a good use of a basic’s class time when most of the class couldn’t design a flyer for their parent’s garage sale but he was the one leading the class, and not the one paying for it.

memorable moment: after 10 minute lesson on x-acto knife safety, i reached for a paper on top of my blade, which had rolled and stuck me in the finger! haha i was eye-rolling the shit out of that lesson too! stay humble (and in school)

gonna start a psychic-hotline for the micrib- letting people if it’s coming back