irlisthenewrpg ten years on

when i first set out on the road i had a lot i wanted to figure out. i didnt even know what i needed to figure out or how much work it’d be, i just knew things weren’t great and they should be better… or actually that “I” should be better. looking back i see how much of a joseph campbell trip this has been. the whole thing feels a bit cliche “guy takes off to discover self: does” but it was worth it and i’m all the wiser and more centered for it and i wish more people dropped everything to explore and experience something similar.

if i was doing this now it’d be way different. maybe id be hash-tagging #vanlife and maybe id have a van… shame cause my favorite moments were when i didn’t have a phone, whether because it was lost or i turned it off.
Pro Tip: if youre journey of self-discovering, dont forget to unplug.

in December of 2011 i wrote a ridiculous mission statement and looking at it today, it’s remarkable how i succeeded what i set out to do, accomplishing it with striking and figurative accuracy lol

Journey Mission Statement:
“to be the most glorious eagle soaring the eisenhower interstate system across this great nation before its inevitable collapse and when its over and i’m the alpha falcon ill stand on the storm front of forever casting a beautiful shadow across the valley and i will drive all the land’s daughters wild with every kiss of the wind as it carries my scent.

listening to stevie wonder’s as (1976)