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still in st. louis. in a routine (see below)
it’s pretty boring but i am getting my aesthetic down. my editing and camera work is hitting the targets though i’m finding it difficult to do spoken word and having that vocal-content is preventing some projects from getting off the ground. it may have something to do with the solitude…

an average day
gym (cardio/strength/steam)
hot yoga
creative work
restaurant job
ice cream

ice cream is good. should i move back to ny?
if i did could i maintain my rhythm?
. .   .     .        .              .                     .                                      .


the “death of modernism, cont’d

in the 40 years since pruitt-igoe was knocked down, the land has grown into a forest with lush vegetation. the earth is still covered in broken bricks, pavement, and manhole covers. it should be of no surprise that in it’s present state this land and the land around it was acquired nefariously. just lookup developer paul mckee – actually don’t, why read about crooked developers when one might read of minoru yamaski, who designed the thirty-three, eleven-story buildings (as well as new york’s world trade center), or godfrey reggio, who featured pruitt-igoe’s destruction in 1982’s koyaanisqatsi (life out of balance), or philip glass, who composed the score to the film (and who’s pruit igoe & prophecies was later used in the birth doctor manhattan scene of 2009’s watchmen).

im living blocks away from the site. big machines are grazing what’s left. soon it will become the national geospatial agency-west; a space-spy agency – which might make the score in the watchmen scene even more appropriate

i took some rubble, a few instant photos, and sent it off to the ensemble. this is that

listening to phillip glass’ pruit igoe (1983)


Old School / Fishing

mississippi riverfront, st. louis


this champion of ingenuity was pumping royalcash’s radio activity while fishing the mississppi. is there ever a time someone plays old school that isn’t magical?

hearing royalcash’s radio activity (let’s jam) (1983)


the_remedial re-education

there’s less collaboration in video today and i wanted a refresher on the basics so i signed up for classes in graphic design and film photography. sure, you can read a book or watch youtube but you won’t get a critique and sometimes i want to hear what i’m doing wrong, as should we all

listening to robert tepper’s no easy way out (1986)

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making pee for the towstory video

there’s a shot in the towstory where i pee. obviously. i could have shot myself peeing real pee but getting the right color of yellow was difficult (i’m a water drinker, sue me) so i found a solution. if real pee is not for you, consider yellow string as a pee alternative. yellow string (use thread for horses) is available in most sewing kits and a lot of stores. the directions are easy if you play along and know what you’re doing.

before we get started you will need the following items:
green screen / matte wall; string/thread, a camera; a non-linear editing suite(nle); the will

  1. pan camera across string in front of chromakey background
  2. remove background of clip in nle so only string remains
  3. mask the legs of who’s peeing in the nle so there’s room for the string pee
  4. move string pee between the legs and under mask
  5. render and wait

would you just look at that pee!
nobody knows it’s string, so it’s our little secret 😉

*string pee is not real pee so don’t forget to go if you have to.

a crystal bridge too far

a trip to crystal bridges – 3 of 3
bentonville, arkansas

who buys books of suburban decay? no one. but everyone looks at photo galleries of dead malls. people stopped going to malls because everything’s online including those galleries of the photos of dead malls. people still go to walmart.

in the eighties the nearest wal-mart entered the area. it was dirtier than the target and had a lesser toy section; that’s what I remember anyway. in the nineties it relocated down the street to a new shopping center sprung out of what was an a school book depository. in the aughts when that lease was up, it moved to a newer development down the street that was whatever it was before. the first center dwindled. it’s now home to a cigarette shop, a rub n tug, and not much else. the nineties location is hanging on with a rotation of tenants at about 60% occupancy, though the quality of stores and customer traffic has dwindled significantly. America: newer boxes further away from the older boxes.

alice used her money from the boxes to buy art. and why wouldn’t she? she’s a walton. she can spend her money on whatever she wants and if alice walton wants to open a world class art museum she will, and she’ll make it with more love and wonder than any of the stores that bare her name

in the woods of bentonville, arkansas (home of walmart) stands crystal bridges museum of american art. a 217,000 square feet complex designed by moshe safdie. it opened on 11/november2011. buckminster fuller’s personal effects are in a room decorated with scribbles from his journals. a frank lloyd wright usonian house was moved here from new jersey. james turrell built a skyspace on a hill. the courtyard keeps a louise bourgeois maman on permanent desplay. the visitors sweet with a bit of well-even-i-could-paint-that-ers

other major art museums have old names on their donor wall. at crystal bridges, coca-cola is a major sponsor, think about that. on the tier below coke, you’ll find del-monte. the little informational stands along the wooded trails? sponsored by coleman. this may be our path and one day widespread commercial sponsorship of art will the thing. just imagine: “The Persistence of Memory, 1931. Brought to you by Timex and The Dali Corporation, a Unilever Company”

there’s so much criticism of walmart: predatory pricing, worker conditions, worker wages, union busting, censorship, dirty and poorly run stores, but the old mom and pop shops walmart ran out never opened art museums with james turrels… so yeah. 

listening to frida’s i know there’s something going on (1982)

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