Old School / Fishing

mississippi riverfront, st. louis


this champion of ingenuity was pumping royalcash’s radio activity while fishing the mississppi. is there ever a time someone plays old school that isn’t magical?

hearing royalcash’s radio activity (let’s jam) (1983)



making pee for the towstory video

you probably haven’t seen the towstory. it’s so unreleased even i haven’t seen it. there’s a short scene where i pee, obviously. obviously, i could have shot myself shooting real pee but as a water drinker getting the right temperature of yellow was proving difficult, it was too clear to me. i didn’t want to resort to cgi so i decided to use yellow string for pee.

yellow string is not actually pee. if real pee is not for you, consider using this alternative* yellow string is available in most sewing kits and a lot of stores. the directions are easy if you play along and know what your doing.

before we get started you will need the following items:
green screen or just a plain wall; string, a camera; a non-linear editing suite(nle); the will

  1. pan camera across string in front of chromakey background
  2. remove background of clip in nle so only string remains
  3. mask the legs of who’s peeing in the nle so there’s room for the string pee
  4. move string pee between the legs and under mask
  5. render and wait

would you just look at that pee!
nobody knows it’s string, so it’s our little secret 😉


*string pee is not real pee so don’t forget to go if you have to.

this (almost) ark of safety

federal highway (interstate 68)
frostburg, maryland


“this guy built an ark. or at least he started building an ark. he’s building an ark like i’m keeping up with my website. sure, i’ll post-date and make it seem like i did it when i was there but really, im doing it wayyy later.

probably because i’m still thinking about this almost ark…”

what else am I gonna do

motivation and inspiration for a bike story not shown
humboldt park, chicago


before it got cold my front tire slid into a crack on the chicago avenue bridge. i flew forward and fractured a rib – couldn’t exercise, could barely breathe much less meditate. it’s cold and dark but i’ve found myself a creative mindset – what else am i gonna do? cry? i can barely breathe!

my streak runs through recovery, the first is a bike story video (obviously)

after this, with a new whip i get back on the road and tell myself ill be more careful because nothing’s worth the physical downtime. in march im hit by a corolla…

protip: if this happens to you: lawyer

listening to WITCH’s home town (1974)


you’re visual (name pending)

or the what happened to the book story…
and/or the what are you doing with your life(‘tory)

chicago, illinois


listening to tracie spencer’s this house (1990)

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