still in st. louis. in a routine (see an average day)
it’s pretty boring but i’m focusing on the visual aesthetic of my videos. my editing and camera work is hitting the marks though i’m struggling when recording and reciting narration and without that my videos are nothing. it may have something to do with the solitude…

an average day
gym (cardio/strength/steam)
hot yoga
video work
restaurant work
ice cream

ice cream is good. should i move back to ny?
if i did could i maintain my rhythm for a healthy mind?
will i find my voice, literally?
. .   .     .        .              .                     .                                      .

listening to cat stevens’ if you want to sing out, sing out (1971)


i’d been in chicago and it was perfect. not perfect at the time (i wrote this in hindsight), but exactly what i needed. i’d grown creatively and knew it was best to leave and focus on my craft outside of distractions. so st. louis: where i can do yoga, connect with family, and live/work for pennies on the dollar.

listening to dur-dur band’s dooya (1987)