reset this: this is the mediation

this is the
congratulations on taking self control of your operating system
this is based on the “shambavi” sequence from the isha organization
it was taught to joeeirwin by zev le wolfe at dreamland harvest in 2015

steps 1-3 are stretches and intended to prepare the body for mediation
-steps 1-3 can be skipped if you have a regular yoga practice, or if you’re feeling especially limber
–if you’re feeling especially limber: good for you

steps 4-8 should be done seated or laying down

the italics are suggestions
feel free to modify this sequence to suit your needs, be they more or less
the more you practice this, the more comfortable you’ll be with knowing your needs
*step six may take some time – but like all things, practice makes perfect

you may get light headed, you’re okay.


  1. butterfly flaps (baddha konasana) 2min
  2. cradle pose (hindolasana) left & right – 2min(each side)
  3. a. cat/cow (bitilasana marjaryasana) 3x
    b. extended leg/arm (utthita marjaryasana) 3x
  4. alternate nostril breathing 6min
  5. OM (3,5,7,11,21,51times)
  6. rapid breathing (butterfly breaths or breath of fire) 2min
  7. lock the bandhas: junk/gut/throat
    (mula/uddiyana/jalandhara) inhale and exhale (repeat)
  8. sit in meditation 5min+

this is a control-alt-delete for your body mind and spirit
practice often and not when operating heavy machinery

we are: love, light, kind, peace, one, fun. (llkpof)